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Pathan full movie: Watch Pathan movie online review

Pathan full movie Watch Pathan movie online review

Watch Pathan full movie online review: Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Pathan’ has been released on the big screen. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the audience about the film, but the advance booking of the film has reduced considerably. This film of Sharukh Khan, who considers himself a superstar, has also had to go through a lot of controversies. There was nothing special in the trailer of the film and now the negative reviews of people coming on social media, it seems that this film is going to flop. So let’s know the review and reaction of the people towards the film Pathan.

Story of the movie

The story of the film follows Jim, a former Indian agent, whose family is killed in front of him because India did not pay compensation for their release. Presuming Jim to be dead, the Indian government awards him with a gallantry award, but Jim survives. After some time, Jim joined hands with Pakistan and made a biological weapon to avenge the death of his family from India.

India has prepared Pathan and his team to stop Jim. During the mission, Pathan meets Dr. Rubina Khan, who makes Pathan’s mission more difficult. Now how will Pathan be able to stop or stop the mighty Jim, that is the story of the film.

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Pathan movie review:

Deepika Padukone and John Abraham are also seen in important roles in this film along with Shahrukh Khan. Although Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone are absolutely zero in terms of acting and action. There is no power in the story of the film, the same old stories have to be collected and shown to the people.

Deepika Padukone has been given the role of a Pakistani doctor to become an ISI agent. But his screen presence in the film is not good, dialogues are not good on his account. His Pakistani accent has also gone unnoticed. However, watching the film shows that an attempt has been made to show Pakistan in good light and Indian intelligence agencies have been shown bad. Pakistan is famous for producing terrorists in the world. Terrorists roam freely in Pakistan and they also get the support of the Government of Pakistan.

Very poor VFX is shown in the action scene in Pathan movie. Every scene seems fake, which is its minus point. The hard work done in John’s entry scene is clearly visible. Salman is seen here in a cameo of a few minutes, which again picks up the pace of the slow film. Here Salman helps friend Pathan by becoming a tiger and also tickles him.

Overall Pathan is one of the worst movies of Shah Rukh Khan. Neither the story of the film is good, neither the acting nor the VFX scene. In the movie, an attempt has been made to prove the terrorist country Pakistan as good. If you haven’t seen Pathan movie then it is good. It is better to watch a good South film than Pathan’s film.

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