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Home ยป How to cancel order on Meesho? – Meesho Seller

How to cancel order on Meesho? – Meesho Seller

How to cancel order on Meesho - Meesho Seller

How to cancel order on Meesho – Meesho Seller: Startups in India are scaling new heights every day. Meesho also started as a startup in 2015 and is today the No. 1 reselling platform in India. From here you can earn money by sharing products on WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram and other social media platforms. In simple language, you can resell the product.

Meesho is a platform like Amazon, Flipkart, where sellers can list their products and sell them online. Meesho collects the entire cash once the product is delivered and your margin gets credited to your bank account. You can also return and exchange a product on Meesho if a consumer doesn’t like it. In this post, we will explain how to cancel a Meesho order.

How to cancel order on Meesho

Log in to your Meesho account and follow the steps below to cancel the order.

  • Step 1: Go to ‘Orders’
  • Step 2: Select the order you want to cancel
  • Step 3: Click ‘Cancel’
  • Step 4: Select your reason for canceling the order (you can comment if you wish)
  • Step 5: Click ‘Cancel Product’
  • Step 6: Your order will be canceled successfully.

Note: If the order has already been shipped, you cannot cancel it. In this case you can ask your customer not to accept the order. For more details you can go through Meesho cancellation policy on their official website.

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When can a user cancel a Meesho order?

The User can cancel the order after the order is placed through the Platform and before the order is dispatched by the Supplier.

When will I get a refund after I cancel a Meesho order?

Refund will be made to your bank account within 3-7 business days after Meesho order is successfully placed.

Will I be charged if I cancel a Meesho order?

No, you will not be charged any cancellation fee if you cancel an order. However, canceled orders will not count towards your bonus plan.

Meesho Customer support number?

080 61799600

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